Free Overnight Grandfamily Camps

Grandparents can spend time with their grandchildren on organised overnight camps. Grandfamily camps provide safe and enjoyable recreational activities for grandchildren, facilitated by suitably qualified, experienced indoor/outdoor instructors. Grandparents can relax or participate in the activities with their grandchildren. 

Grandfamily camps give grandparents the opportunity to meet with other grandparents to share information and family experiences. Some grandparents have also developed friendships and remained in contact with each other. Grandchildren interact with other children being raised by their grandparents and this helps them to normalise their family situation.

Camps are held at Kindilan Outdoor Education and Conference Centre, Redland Bay. Camps are organised in regional locations dependant on availability of facilities and the number of eligible grandparents interested in attending. To date camps have been held at Bundaberg, Magnetic Island, Yeppoon and on the Atherton Tableland. If you are interested in attending a camp please contact Seniors Enquiry Line and Grandparents Information Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm on 1300 135 500 to discuss your eligibility.

School Camps

The program can generally assist with the costs of ordinary school camps (i.e. year level camps rather than music camps, sports camps or inter-state etc) that are at least one overnight stay.

Holiday day camps conducted by Sports and Recreation Programs throughout Queensland are popular for day respite.

Scripture Union

Scripture Union is a Christian organisation running school holiday camps in a range of areas around Queensland. Each year, thousands of SU Qld volunteers run 70 camps to provide children and teenagers with a fun-filled, positive time away from home. These leaders donate their time and money to ensure campers enjoy high quality programs, individual care and a safe, well-organised holiday.

Tunnel Ridge Ranch

Tunnel Ridge Ranch is a unique camp site, where children can experience and enjoy God's creation in a safe and friendly environment. Their aim is to provide campers with attractive facilities, fabulous food and an energetic program, which is run by accredited staff. Their desire is for everyone to experience the love of God, through every aspect of camp life.

Camps are run over the school holiday periods for specific age groups -  10-12  and  12-15 year olds. For more information on the facilities and activities offered, visit the Tunnel Ridge Ranch website.

Please Note: Please contact us well before the school holidays if you wish your children to attend this camp as places will be filled very quickly.

Kiah Park

Kiah Park is a horse riding facility where we love to engage school-aged children in the fresh excitement of spending time outdoors. We offer seven-day residential horse riding camps during all Queensland school holidays, long weekend camps and day camps. For over 35 years Kiah Park has been a home-away-from-home where children can develop independence, learn new skills and make lifelong friendships with other horse-loving kids. Kiah Park follows an active and busy schedule to provide children with a great range of fun, including adopting their own horse to ride and pamper, arena lessons, trail rides and gymkhana. Whether your grandchild is new to horses or is a competitive rider, every holiday at Kiah Park is bound to be full of wonderful adventures. Please visit the website for camp dates and information Kiah Park's Facebook page has a lot of photos and gives a great idea of what pony camp is all about

Please Note: Please contact us well before the school holidays if you wish your children to attend Kiah Park Horseriding camp as places will be filled very quickly.

Edmund Rice Camps

Edmund Rice Camps provides recreational camps programs for children aged 6-16 and families experiencing disadvantage during school holidays. Young adults volunteer as ‘big buddies’ matched with a child for the week to be their mentor, positive role model, and best mate.

The children come to us through contact with Agency Groups within the community. Many come from families that may not be in a position to provide such experiences for their children, or are under pressure in some way. Referrals are taken from schools and agencies in a variety of fields in the Greater Brisbane region and beyond, including disability support, mental health, community housing, family support, social work and education. 

We aim to boost participants’ independence and resilience through an increased sense of self-worth, inner and outer confidence fostered by the 1-on-1 attention and friendship of our volunteers. We also provide a fun and safe environment for a much-needed break from often difficult circumstances.

Places are limited, so be sure to get in early with your camp application. For further information please contact Time for Grandparents so we can arrange a referral for your grandchild.