Maclagan Squeezebox Festival

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12 October 2019

They believe they hold the only accordion festival in Australia. This year will be their 17th year of running a festival for those who love and play accordion music.

Where is Maclagan, you ask? They are a small town in the Toowoomba region of Queensland. The township and surrounding area has a population of 195 but they pack well above their weight when it comes to keeping their community alive. Their squeezebox festival truly embodies what their small rural communities are all about: resilience, friendship, and having as much fun as possible!

The legacy of the musical styles brought from Germany by the early immigrants are now firmly transplanted in this part of regional Queensland. Maclagan attempts to rekindle the old time song and dance traditions and to showcase the transformative powers of accordion music in bringing back the emotional binds to the brain of music heard in halls and dances of decades past.


Venue: Maclagan Memorial Hall, Margaret Street, Maclagan

Phone: Joan 0427 170 857